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Housing 1000 & National Service: Thank you, Americorps VISTA and CNCS!

You may have not heard of AmeriCorps before, but you should. Because in a time of budget cuts, publicity is survival. And whether or not you’re aware, nonprofits and initiatives like Housing 1000 can thrive because of the generous service … Continue reading

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Interview with Frederick Ferrer, CEO of The Health Trust

“Were you shocked by what you saw on the streets during Registry Week?” I ask. “I’m never shocked,” says Frederick Ferrer, a veteran of homeless services and the current CEO of The Health Trust. Their mission is to lead the Silicon … Continue reading

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The Death of the Street Newspaper, the Rise of Human Wifi?

  Street newspapers, sold mainly by homeless individuals, have become common since the founding of New York City’s Street News in 1989. Some have been written and produced by homeless contributors, while others cover mainstream issues and pop culture in … Continue reading

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How You Can Help End Homelessness With Just an Email: Ask the Housing Authority to Amend their Plan

EDIT: Please direct your messages to the HOUSING AUTHORITY, not the COUNTY.  Our local Housing Authority is considering allocating 30% of turnover vouchers for chronic homelessness. But we need your help in asking them to amend their Moving to Work … Continue reading

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Homeless cancer patient living in her car in San Jose

Many of you have already read about Giselle McDonald, homeless resident of San Jose and current cancer patient. The brave 74-year-old has been living in her car, even as she suffers from lymphoma and stomach cancer. The Mercury News article … Continue reading

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What the Heck is “Crowdfunding,” Anyway?

What the Heck is “Crowdfunding,” Anyway? WHAT The idea of crowdfunding is simple: many people make small donations to create big change. It’s already been used to fund artists, performers, writers, and journalists as well as provide money for entrepreneurs … Continue reading

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So what does Housing 1000 actually *do*?!

Hi, it’s Katherine the VISTA, here. I get this question a lot, whether explicitly or implicitly. People know Housing 1000’s goal is to end homelessness in Santa Clara County–but how? We’re not a shelter, we’re not a housing development, we’re … Continue reading

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