So what does Housing 1000 actually *do*?!

Hi, it’s Katherine the VISTA, here. I get this question a lot, whether explicitly or implicitly. People know Housing 1000’s goal is to end homelessness in Santa Clara County–but how? We’re not a shelter, we’re not a housing development, we’re not a recovery program or a back-to-work program or anything else familiar to people when they think about “homelessness.”

“So how, exactly, does Housing 1000 line up housing?” you say.

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Adarsh Housing in July'2011.

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Basically, we work with all of those different pieces–shelters, housing units, case management and policymakers–and coordinate all of our community resources to focus on ending chronic homelessness.  For those who don’t work in public policy, though, that explanation might not be completely satisfying.

“So how do you line up housing?!” I hear you ask, a little exasperated. “Give me a concrete example!”

I can’t blame you–public policy is complex, and the task before us is daunting. Luckily, the 100,000 Homes Campaign wrote up a helpful section of their Playbook that details how to “line up the supply”–that is, how to actually find housing for chronically homeless individuals. Without further ado, here’s the gist of one of the most important things we’re working on behind the scenes: Guidelines on Lining Up the Supply


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I worked with Housing 1000 ( from August 2011 until July of 2012 as an Americorps VISTA member. I am the ghost of Katherine past! I wrote a couple interviews to post automatically even after I left--from beyond the grave, as it were. ;) My current blog talks about fiction writing, world travel and other adventures:
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2 Responses to So what does Housing 1000 actually *do*?!

  1. Craig Hill says:

    Very similar to work I did in Oz. Hope it works out well. Looking forward to seeing more about this in the future, and would welcome any feedback on it to my personal email 🙂

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