Housing 1000 October Newsletter!

Housing 1000 October 2012 Newsletter

Interview with Dr. Nancy Peña, Director of Mental Health, County of Santa Clara

Dr. Nancy Peña, Director of Mental Health, Santa Clara County

“It’s our job as fellow human beings to respectfully and with humility offer the help and hope that we might one day need ourselves. That to me is the essence of humanity.” Nancy Peña is a licensed Clinical Psychologist, who has been working in the field of Mental Health for the past 34 years. She has spent her career serving in various management roles in the Mental Health Department, and currently serves as the Director of Mental Health, a position she has held for the past twelve years. The County has been a key partner in the Housing 1000 Campaign.

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Success Story: Meet Frank

Frank in His New Home

Change has come for Frank. After being homeless off and on since 1986, he is finally in a home of his own. “It’s a lovely feeling,” Frank said excitedly as he thinks about what it means to have a place to call home. He fondly remembers the day he was at St. James Park when a friend told him that Housing 1000 was looking for him. Frank quickly got in touch with Housing 1000 and in doing so, took the first steps to a whole new life.

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Housing 1000 Spotlight: St. James Pilot Project

Councilmember Sam Liccardo at St. James Park, during Housing 1000 Registry Week

The sometimes overwhelming amount of men and women who sleep in St. James Park has long seemed like an intractable problem. Until recently, that is. Because now the City of San José and the County of Santa Clara have teamed up to do something about it! There have been many complaints from downtown residents and businesses about homelessness and substance abuse in the park and the impact it has on the surrounding community. The St. James Park Pilot Project is leveraging the strengths and resources of critical public and private sector entities to innovatively end homelessness for 15 chronically homeless individuals who currently call St. James Park their home.

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Housing 1000 Campaign Update

Did you know that the Housing 1000 campaign has housed 157 chronically homeless men and women since the start of our campaign?

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  1. christina duran says:

    plese include me in the newsletter at 80 south market street 95113 thank you

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