The Next 100 Days


The Next 100 Days…

Housing 1000 has already had great successes – most notably are the 409 formerly chronically homeless men and women who’ve moved into permanent housing since the start of our campaign.  But we can always do better. And we must.  There are still way too many people living outside in our community.

In May, Santa Clara County was invited to send a Housing 1000 delegation to the 100,000 Homes / Rapid Results Bootcamp in Chicago.  During the conference our national partners challenged us to find new ways to accelerate our housing placement goal and to use that work to set an aggressive 100 day housing target.

Our team worked diligently over the week and came away unanimously recommending a bold new goal of housing 257 chronically homeless men and women, with 48% being chronically homeless veterans, in the next 100 DAYS.

Wow, right? How can we possibly do this in the most expensive rental market with one of the smallest vacancy rates in America?

The simple answer is teamwork, collaboration and a common goal.  In Chicago, our Housing 1000 non profit cohort worked side by side with our government partners – the Veterans Administration, the Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara, the City of San Jose, and the County of Santa Clara.  We set concrete goals to eliminate duplicative efforts and worked together towards reducing processes that have historically increased the time it takes to move someone from the street to a home.

We also looked at ways we can better coordinate securing rental units and improving the process of moving folks into housing.  From rental subsidies to security deposits, allocating flexible housing funds to increased and targeted case management – and all with tangible outcomes and measurements.  We have a strong and mighty team who are willing to do whatever it takes.

Join us as we move through the next 100 days – you can follow our progress on social media through Facebook and on twitter @Housing1000 #100days257homes.

Also, please consider supporting our efforts through your networks– whether by making a donation or holding a household goods drive to gather much needed move in supplies.  For more information on how to get involved, please contact

And for now, wish us luck. The thousands of homeless men and women in the streets of Silicon Valley are counting on us to continually work harder to end chronic homelessness as fast as we possibly can.

And the clock starts……NOW!

In Partnership,

Jennifer Loving, Executive Director for Destination: Home & Housing 1000 campaign partner

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7 Responses to The Next 100 Days

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  3. tye williams says:

    Hi I’m the son of Keith Williams out of San Jose can we recently got word that you were looking for him to house him please don’t pass him up he deserves it 100% my dad has been thru a lot and he still has his head held high thank u 4084982688

  4. christina duran says:

    my name is christina lynn lopez duran im frezing im on the list 4 housing 1000 i have no phone or any way 2 stay in communicaton pleaze conntact afreind of mine at4066541001 rey rodrigez or my po box 4 homeless at 80 south market street san jose california 95113 or my mom at 6193227122 lynn thometz or rick pattersons computer wich im on rigt now thank u

  5. alejandrah1k says:

    Christina, we are calling you now.

  6. Dwayne Thomas says:


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